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you're watching cbs5 eyewitness news on the cw. a crime spree ending with a police officer being shot widened. now police are connecting a wanted gunman to murder. become targets. >> more deadly rocket attacks in gaza with civilian casualties and now the media has become targets. ing the victims of >> we live that tragedy. now we have to see the insult. >> remembering the victims of jonestown decades later, why families of some bay area victims want a local memorial torn down. good evening. i'm ann notarangelo. tonight police identified a
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gunman they say tried to kill a san jose officer. meanwhile they're on the hunt for another suspect and asking for help. a $10,000 reward is now offered for his capture. cbs5 reporter don knapp shows us the series of crimes the gunman is wanted for including murder. >> reporter: police say the chase and arrest of this man ended in a friday crime spree that included four armed robberies, a homicide and attempted murder of two san jose police officers. 26-year-old jonathan wilbanks was captured after a shootout that wounded one officer and a high speed chase ending in a crash after which wilbanks fled on foot. it was says the sergeant an old- fashioned shootout. >> the officer was forced to duck down for cover. there were rounds in the officer's sheet, front windshield, side window -- seat, frond windshield, side window. now the car is contaminated with pepper spray. >> reporter: police say
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wilbanks and an accomplice hit a pizza parlor, jack in a box and a spa. wilbanks and another man at large shot and killed rory clarke pediford while attempting a carjacking. >> at about 9:00 i heard a -- not continuous gunshots, but maybe a little one after another with time. >> saw the victim's father up in the front and he was still in shock after finding out that his son had been shot by the 7- eleven. >> reporter: late friday officer bruce bartholomew spotted the suspect's car. another officer was wounded but continued in the chase. residents of the neighborhood near reed hill view airport watched it unfold after wilbanks fled on foot. >> watching them running around everywhere with guns and i was scared crying under my bed. >> reporter: perhaps because a police officer was shot the san jose police officers association is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the other suspect in
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the case. in san jose, don knapp, cbs5. menlo park police are looking for suspects in the city's second murder this year. a man in his 40s of the shot to death last night as he sat in his car in the 3 hub block of ivy -- 300 block of ivy drive. a woman was in the car but was not hurt. the suspect took the woman's purse and ran in separate directions. it's the third shooting this month in the bell haven neighborhood and the second homicide since june. authorities are trying to identify a body pulled from the waters in san francisco bay. the u.s. coastguard found the body of a man near ft. baker about 8 a.m. this morning. they're trying to see if his description matches any missing persons reports in the area. explosion despite ceasefire talks the violence in gaza rages on at this hour. night, as gaza city is hit.
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the conflict with is ts sixth day. a huge blast lights up the night as gaza city is hit. the conflict with israel is now in its sixth day. so far 81 palestinians have been killed, nearly half, 37 of them, were civilians. 720 palestinians have been wounded. three israeli civilians have been killed and dozens more wounded. cbs correspondent charlie daggett reports from gaza city where an israeli airstrike hit a residential area killing at least 11 people. >> reporter: rescue teams struggled in a frantic effort to free a woman trapped in the rubble of a building leveled by an israeli airstrike today in gaza city. palestinian officials said seven members of one family died in this attack alone including four children. the israeli military says its strikes are surgical and they're finding their targets, but in one of the most densely populated places on the planet civilian deaths are mounting.
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>> this is savagery. >> reporter: journalists in gaza have found themselves in the crosshairs of israeli missiles, too. the israeli military released this video of a missile strike on a media center in gaza city. officials called it a legitimate target. >> this media building had an infrastructure of hamas electronics communication on the roof. >> reporter: another building which houses offices used by foreign journalists including cbs news in gaza also came under attack early this morning. hamas kept up its attacks on israel, too, launching rockets from inside gaza from this morning and into the night with another attempted attack on tel aviv. palestinians told us the past 24 hours have been the most intense in terms of attacks since fighting began five days ago and tonight they're bracing for worse to come.
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the explosions continue here in gaza city. you hear the roar of fighter jets overhead followed by these explosions and you may be able to hear the sounds of drones flying above us. never stop, but we've also seen rockets launched toward israel from gaza. we counted five or six of them judging from the smoke trails as they headed toward israel. charlie daggett of cbs news in gaza city. >> as charlie mentioned, the media covering stories like the conflict in the middle east can often be caught off guard. watch what happens to correspondent anderson cooper during a live report. >> also two media centers -- [ explosion ] >> whoa! that was a rather large explosion. >> startled cooper went to duck for cover. he continued to report looking down the street to see what was hit. cooper was not hurt. the search is expanding for a missing oil rig worker who disappeared following an explosion in the gulf of mexico.
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black elk energy says three dive boats are working and sheriff's deputies are checking beaches. searchers recovered the body of another missing worker yesterday. the condition of one of the four men burned on the fire has improved to fair. two remain in criticallen and one in -- critical condition and one in serious condition. vice president joe biden is assuring residents the federal government won't abandon them after hurricane sandy. biden toured seaside heights including the boardwalk. biden is the latest white house official to visit new jersey since sandy. president obama visited friday. new jersey and new york were hit the hardest by hurricane sandy. president obama and secretary of state hillary clinton arrived in myanmar a short time ago also known as burma. mr. obama says this trip is not an endorsement of the government there but an
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acknowledgement of the process the country has made moving towards democracy after decades of military rule. he will speak later to university students. the bay area marks a grim anniversary today. on november 18th, 1978 four were killed at the jones people's temple in guyana. the killings were followed by a mass murder and suicide by 912 temple members. today as they have every year since the tragedy, family members of the victims attended a memorial service in oakland. as we'll mary, they were there not only to remember -- hear, they were there not only to remember but to protest. ♪ the heartache they bring ♪ >> reporter: this memorial service started with the covering of a memorial in this oakland cemetery, something this family calls the plaque of shame. >> it's horrific.
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we lived that tragedy, my family, many people never got over it. now we have to see the insult. >> reporter: because among the names of the almost 1,000 people who died in jonestown is of in 1978 is that of the man dealed responsible, jim jones, who ran this colony in guyana. many of his followers were from the bay area. 27 were family members of wynonna norwood. >> he comes with this grand scheme that he's taking all these people to the promised land. they believed it. >> reporter: 34 years ago jones incited what he called a mass suicide also known as a mass murder. the norwoods had shunned him by then. ed was 8 years old and lost eight close cousins that day. >> they went to jonestown following their parents thinking that all of our dreams will come to pass in this paradise in the middle of a judge l somehow. i'm really big on pushing people and myself and my
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children to strive for your dreams. >> reporter: the family is in the middle of a legal fight trying to build a new memorial to replace this one. they're hoping to have it done by the 35th anniversary next year. the crowd at this annual memorial has been dwindling. today only about a dozen people came to pay respects. >> most of us weren't even born at that time, so it's very important that we know our american history so that we don't repeat this. it's leaving many people who see it scratching their heads, tents popping up in front of best buys all over the country. we'll ask why shoppers are waiting in line nearly a week before black friday. >> stormy weather brings this to a part of the world that never sees them. >> that is an amazing super cell. good evening, everybody. we fired up our super doppler radar in search of rain and the effect it will have on your
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is a time to sit around the table, share a meal with the family, and enjoy the holidy off of w thanksgiving is a time to sit around the table, share a meal with fame and enjoy the holiday off -- family and enjoy the holiday off work, but it's also become a time to wait in line for the black friday sales and the lines are already starting to form. cbs5 reporter john knapp is with several people who are staking their spot in line tonight. don. >> reporter: you know, it's almost a business week a way, but these folks are already lined up here at best buy. we understand by the end of the week, there will be line around the park lot.
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are the bargains that good? folks say it's not just about the bargains. >> my daughter and i have done this since she was 3 days open. she's never had her thanksgiving dinner at home. my mom brings it to us out here. >> reporter: every thanksgiving outside in a line of best buy. anyone suggest that was child abuse? >> i did think somebody was going to call cps on us sometimes. >> during the day my mother brings out the turkey dressing and things like that. >> reporter: it's got to be something more than the product prices. >> we're proud of a family meeting each other for three years in a row, black friday. we've became family. >> reporter: the accommodations are about as comfortable as you can expect. >> once we seen tents here we had to come. >> reporter: you saw the tents, so you decided to stay? >> yes. >> reporter: what's the deal? what's in it for you? >> i mean for one, we get to meet new people. for two, best sales of the
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year. >> you know what? actually it's really comfortable. it really is warm in here. >> we met together here in line and the bargains are fantastic, televisions, game bundles, laptops and the management here is great as well. >> reporter: how does best buy feel about this? well, they say they'll put some porta-potties out here about midweek and they'll also do about 10 to 20 times the regular day's business on black friday. >> they're smiling. thanks, don. best buy plans to open midnight thursday night. some stores will open on thanksgiving day. cbs reporter lindsay seiver on the backlash that is engine rating. >> reporter: at -- is generating. >> reporter: at target there's visions of sales galore. black friday shoppers get an earlier christmas gift this year with doors opening at 9
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thanksgiving night. >> i'll be here. >> reporter: paco kalafolva is a devout shopper who plans to score some deals. target says opening up at 9:00 thanksgiving night provides an after dinner shopping event with the family, but online many employees argue it takes those value as way. on a target employee from california started a petition to save thanksgiving for family. around 150,000 people signed in support, similar to last year. >> i believe i'm standing up for the greater good here. >> reporter: when employees protested target's midnight opening. >> thanksgiving is a family time. how far are we going to go for retail and commercialism? >> there's an appetite for shopping and it's becoming earlier. >> reporter: university of st. thomas marking professor john selter says it comes down to competition and target is simply supplying a demand. >> nobody wants to come in second in that race. so it's really a question to
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look at people are thinking about shopping. they want to go shopping. >> reporter: like paco even though this year his job at a call center requires him to work on thanksgiving, too. >> part of my paycheck, you know. i get a lot of time to spend with my family on my days off and i use that time wisely. here's something you rarely ever see down under. this is mother nature turning up the normally tranquil waters off the coast of australia with a rare waterspout. this happened earlier today after new south wales. the storm brought rain, hail and lightning, but no damage or injuries were reported. brenda knew exactly what that was when she saw it. >> i was tracking this earlier. it was amazing when the photos came in over twitter and we had form chasers in sydney snapping photographs reporting on it. something we're beginning to see a lot of is lighting of
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christmas trees. it's the season. good evening, everybody. this was the scene tonight at pier 39, the annual lighting of the holiday christmas tree. wow. if you weren't out there enjoying the festivities under a mostly cloudy sky tonight and a faint wind, that tree will be posted and in position through january 6th. i wanted to call on our live hi- def doppler radar. you see a little green. that's just virga where the rain is not touching the land mass, but nevertheless percentage of normal as far as our rain steps are concerned, san francisco is at 100% of where we should be this time of the year, sfo at 79%, oakland at 69%. we're off to a mighty start. overnight tonight mostly cloudy skies, some areas of fog, especially north of the golden gate bridge into the valleys. temperaturewise 42 to 52 degrees for overnight lows. here is what you need to know as you begin your brand-new workweek.
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we will see areas of fog, monday patchy fog for the morning commute. otherwise mostly cloudy skies all day long and extended forecast calls for more rain in the offing. this right here, the area of low pressure that banged up against southern california. there was roughly 1/2-inch of rain at half moon bay. on the back of it there's a lot of unstabled air mass. that's why we have a sprinkle in the forecast for monday. this is primarily north of santa rosa. everybody is cloudy tomorrow all day long, temperatures pretty much where they should be. here's tuesday morning. you see we have yet another approaching area of low pressure that will provide some rain showers beginning in the north, sits here all day long and boom, moves through the bay area south during the afternoon hours. here is your get-away wednesday morning with the spotty scattered showers primarily across the santa cruz mountain range drifting as far east as the tri-valleys and by wednesday night we begin to
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clear out with still mostly cloudy conditions, just the rain easing back. how does any of that affect football action? if doesn't. 49ers play host to chicago bears tomorrow, cloud cover 60 degrees, tumbling to the mid- 50s by the end of the game. 67 degrees in sacramento monday, 47 degrees in the high sierras, 60 with the rain in eureka. otherwise your pinpoint forecast, mostly cloudy, 60s at the beaches, 60s everywhere for the most part, a few upper 50s towards bodega bay. all these numbers are pretty uniform. around the central bay 63 to 65 degrees, otherwise low and mid- 60s across the north bay. your extended forecast, the rain begins lay day tuesday into wednesday with scatter -- late day tuesday into wednesday with scattered showers. partly cloudy thursday, friday and cloud back up in time for the weekend. would you rather have your day dry on thursday or your turkey
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dry? two more shows, folks. >> thank you. after 63 years mother and son have thanksgiving dinner together, the heartwrenching circumstance that kept them apart so long and how think were reunited.
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a huge opening weekend for the final installment of the twilight saga breaking dawn part 2. the film ranks eighth on the list of top 10 movie openings joining two other twilight films. breaking down part 2 earned $141 million that is 100 million more than the no. 2 film skyfall, lincoln, wreck it ralph and flight rounding out the top five. a reunion in the south bay fit for the holidays, a mother and her son together for the first time in six decades. cbs5 reporter patrick sedillo on how they shared their story together. >> reporter: at mission harvest christian church in san
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jose a largely filipino congregation is in celebration of thanksgiving with four special guests. >> i wanted to give them hope because of what has happened in my own life. >> reporter: it's a story almost too good to be true invoking tears from the audience. >> i was very scared having my first baby. >> reporter: how old were you? >> 23. >> reporter: that was 63 years ago in davenport, iowa. lou was pregnant and had to give her baby boy up for adoption. she kept the adoption secret until a discussion about babies earlier this year made her confess to her daughter somewhere out there was a son. >> she said mom, you want to see him? i said yeah, of course, i want to see him. i waited all this time. >> reporter: after an internet search they found ronald albright and sent him a certified letter telling him they wanted to meetly, but he didn't believe the letter at first -- meet him, but he didn't believe the letter at first. >> i read the first one and
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said it i'm your mother and i was overwhelmed. >> reporter: they talked on the phone three and four hours. finally lou asked for pictures of ronald. >> i told mom i can do one better. i'm coming out to see you. >> reporter: standing next to each other in line with a full thanksgiving spread they're both new friends with an old bond. >> this is the best thanksgiving ever that i ever had. >> me, too. >> after 60 three years and 2,130 miles this is our first thanksgiving together in the filipino church, hopefully not the last. (car horn)
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raiders defense has been torched to the tune of 98 points in the last two weeks and now the new orleans saints come to town, one of the last things the defense needed. start the clock, please. mid 1st quarter drew brees throws a wide open pass, 7-0. looking for brandon myers, but it's intercepted by malcomb jenkins. he goes up the sidelines 55- yard for a score. 14-0. hold on, not over yet. 2nd quarter palmer rolls out and buys time here. stay alive and thread the needle, almost illegal advised but touchdown raider, cut the lead to seven points, but -- raiders, cut the lead to seven points, but here's the killer. a 3rd and 13 on this next play. raiders should be getting the ball back. instead somehow it's a touchdown. it's impossible. lance moore is wide open there and the raiders lose 38-17. warriors in oklahoma city, the thunders kevin durantula, first triple double and nails
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the three. russell westbrook had a big night, 3.7 assists, thunder win 119-109. gameday coming up cbs5 at 11:30. >> all right. we'll see you at 11:00 on cbs5. good night. what are you doing there?
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